The Gus McIntyre Adventures

Trouble seems to follow this indominable teen

RUN LIKE THE WIND -- Armed with just a slingshot, made for him by his grandfather, young Gus McIntyre must fend for himself in the wild Dakota Territory in 1876 after he and his father were ambushed by outlaws and the elder McIntyre murdered. The fourteen-year-old is rescued by a cattle drive, bound for Deadwood. An ornery trail cook, named Toots, and the son of the trail boss, Junior Hamilton, take Gus under their wing and his life is changed forever. 

RUN TO DANGER -- A year later, Gus is a full-time hand at the Circle H Ranch in Texas. He runs into trouble while gathering Longhorn steers for the spring round-up. A run-in with rustlers, leaves him wounded and in the care of an ancient Apache chief named Tatonga. With the chief's help, Gus returns thirty head of stolen cattle to the Circle H Ranch and a lifelong friendship develops between the native people, young McIntyre and the ranchers.

CHASING GOLD -- When a dying man slips a piece of a mysterious map into the hand of Gus McIntyre, the teen is thrust into a violent and turbulent world of Confederate sympathizers, known as the Ku Klux Klan. In a twist of  fate, Gus discovers a second half of the map  in  the possession of Katie and Lizzy Sanders in San Angela, Texas. The KKK thinks  the map will lead them to the  lost treasure of Mexico's deposed Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian. They want to seize the treasure to fund a second Confederate uprising. Gus, Katie and Lizzie are forced to flee for their lives. So, they spend the winter in the camp of Chief Tatonga in Apache Flats. There, they  make another amazing discovery.

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CHASING THE PAST -- As Gus and his friends, Katie and Lizzy Sanders, return to the Circle H Ranch, the enterprising teen reveals how his great-great grandfather came to the New World and helped settle the hostile frontier west of the Appalachian Mountains in 1760s.

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