The Wolf Pact trilogy

Discover a secret society of shape-shifters

There are no werewolves roaming the deep woods of Wisconsin. The Cossibye clan is a secret society of wolves, who can stand on two legs or four and are committed to good deeds. In "The New Order," Jefferson Prescott rises to power and uses his new-found abilities to discover how his fiancee was murdered by followers of the high priestess Adita. 

In "Escape from Captivity," young siblings are rescued along a rural road. With the children's mother murdered, the Cossibye set out to find the children's family and quickly find themselves in the crosshairs of a madman and serial killer. The children's father, Michael Mangas Walker, is a shape-shifter, too, and brings the clan new strength.

In "Dream Catchers," scheduled to publish in the summer of 2019, the Cossibye again must halt the murderous rampage of an ancient shaman, brought back to life by non other than Adita. The Cossibye risk everything to protect their own. Is the risk too high?

Dream Catchers

"WOLF PACT: Dream Catchers" will debut in the summer of 2019. It is uniquely different from the first two novels. It delves deeper into the lifestyle of the Cossibye and introduces two new characters, Cheyenne Konti and her father, Carl Birdsong. They join the Cossibye clan to help thwart the murderous activities of a 600-year-old chaman. To preview the first two chapters, CLICK HERE.

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