Readers' comments

Wolf Pact: The New Order

  “Gerald L. Guy had the reputation of a hard-hitting newsman, not a guy who figures out how the appendix can explain his creatures’ ability to transform from human to wolf. But he does so with a panache for fun with his novel, “Wolf Pact: The New Order.”

Dean Poling, The Valdosta Daily Times

SARA: A Hero's Story

  “Gerald Guy captures the lore and rituals of the seamen and airmen. I laughed (hazing endured by seamen crossing the equator for the first time), I cried (comrades lost in battle), following Sara, the aircraft carrier dubbed The Lucky Lady, as she traversed the Pacific. If you are from a family or know friends who fought after the attack on Pearl Harbor, this book is for you. A great gift in so many ways.”

Mary Jane Forbes, Orange Park FL

Act of Kindness

  “I found myself laughing and crying for the plight of senior citizens who lose everything and are forgotten by American society. While Beth Sawyer reminded me of the heartless Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jerome Browning gave me hope. His bubbly personality was contagious. I hope I can be as spry and energetic when I near his age.”

Diane Johnson, Brownsville TX

Run Like the Wind

  I love Gus McIntyre, a 14-year old boy traveling with his father to gold rush territory after they lost everything at home, is ambushed. His father is murdered. All their belongings are stolen. Gus is left for dead. Alone in the Wild West, Gus must depend on his personal strength and skills to survive in this lawless land. “Run Like the Wind” pulls you into this western coming of age story while entertaining and scaring you at the same time. It belongs on TV.

Carol Ann Kauffman, Niles OH

Run to Danger

 I like this kid, Gus McIntyre! Gerald L. Guy draws you into a story and you can't leave until it's done. Gus stumbles upon a gang of rustlers that threaten the livelihood of the ranch he owes his life to. He sets out to return the cattle to the Circle H Ranch but needs the help of an old Apache Chief who befriends him. Times were tough. Gus has a maturity about him that even the old chief noticed and admired. They begin the journey together. A lot of twists and turns will keep you glued to the pages. A great read for teens and adults alike. I'm reading the third installment in this series and enjoying it every bit as much as the first two books! Thank you, Mr. Guy, for sharing your excellent story with us! 

Juliette Douglas, Benton KY

Chasing Gold

 I thoroughly enjoyed "Chasing Gold." It was even more of a page-turner then your previous works, definitely your best offering yet. Some of the twists and turns you put in there reminded me of another one of my favorite authors, Robert Ludlum. I have also read all of his works. I’m anxiously awaiting continuing the adventures of young Gus as well as the third book in the "Wolf Pact" trilogy. I'll be checking your web site frequently so I can get signed up for pre-ordering as soon as possible.

Charlie Major, Palm Coast FL



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