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Act of Recall

ACT OF RECALL is the third novel in what I am calling my Coastal Capers trilogy. It is a novella, about 100 pages, and a continuation of the adventures of Jerome Browning, an enthusiastic and enigmatic dynamo who spreads kindness wherever he goes. 

When a ruthless vigilante is struck by lightning on Flagler Beach, he is brought to Crater Lake Retirement Center for rehabilitation and special care. The electrical shock erased his memory. Nicknamed John Doe VI, he has no idea who he is or how he came to be walking the Florida shoreline. With Browning's help and months of therapy, John Doe's memory returns when he peers through a set of binoculars he carried with him upon his arrival. 

Each time he raises the field glasses to his eyes a difference scene from his vigilante past is revealed. Eventually he discovers his identity and Browning helps him find his long-forgotten family. The question is, will his family accept him into their lives after learning of his violent past?  For a preview, CLICK HERE.


CHASING GOLD, the third novel in the Gus McIntyre Adventure series, is a semifinalist in the prestigious Laramie Awards for western writing, sponsored by the Chanticleer International Book Awards. Finalist are expected to be announced in March. Also nominated is BED OF CONSPIRACY, written by Juliette Douglas and edited by Gerald L. Guy.  It's a tale of two secret agents who try to foil an assassination attempt on President Ulysses S. Grant.

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Act of Mercy

 A simple ACT OF KINDNESS led Jerome Browning to prosperity he never imagined possible. But when he plants a root he found along the Atlantic shoreline his life is turned upside down. It grows into a modern day “beanstalk,” and hides a secret passageway. 

     Accompanied by Bobby Peeler, a blind and one-armed teenager, Browning is required to travel through strange new lands, negotiate with otherworldly creatures and avoid disrupting history to outsmart a corporate behemoth and save the world’s oceans. It might be beyond one man’s capability.

     "Act of Mercy" is the sequel to Act of Kindness, published in 2017. It is a breath of fresh air and carries a positive message for readers of all ages. Click of the READ NOW button below and you will be taken immediately to Amazon, where you can purchase an electronic version for your Kindle or read it for free with KU. Signed paperbacks will be available from this website in December, just in time for Christmas gift-giving. READ NOW


WOLF PACT: Dream Catchers

     "Dream Catchers," the third entry in the Wolf Pact saga, published in the summer of 2019.  It is a harrowing tale of good vs. evil.

     When a 600-year-old shaman goes on a killing spree, only the skills of the Cossibye clan can successfully intervene. By chance, they are aided by a father-daughter team that provide a new dynamic to The New Order.
    Carl Birdsong, the spiritual leader of the Osage Nation, and Cheyenne Konti, who served with Michael Walker in the Army's covert Wolverine squadron, can trade their humans skin for that of sleek panthers.  They join forces with the Cossibye to end the murderous rampage of the evil witch.

     Apprehension does not come without cost, though. When Prescott Estate is penetrated and the clan's children are placed in harm's way, the clan is forced to respond with deadly intent. Will good conquer over evil?  

    "Dream Catchers" is sold everywhere. Signed paperbacks can be purchased at this website. You can go directly to Amazon for electronic or paperback versions when you CLICK HERE.



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