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Chasing the Past

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Book IV of the Gus McIntyre Adventures debuted in the spring of 2019. The novel begins where "Chasing Gold" left off. Gus and his friends, Katie and Lizzie Sanders, are making their way back to the Circle H Ranch after being given bags of gold and jewels by Chief Tatonga. On their long journey back to civilization, Gus relates the story of how his grandfather, James Oliver McIntyre arrived in America. 

    The fourth entry into the wester series takes a violent twist because Gus' great-great grandfather has flee persecution in Scotland and flee to the New World. James, spends a year as a ship's carpenter aboard the Midnight Gale, a merchant ship. He sails to Canada and the Caribbean before finally landing at Charles Town on the burgeoning Carolina coast.

    His life changes when he meets up with a hunting party, led by Daniel Boone. He learns to hunt, trap and avoid the scalping knives of rampaging native tribes before meeting his life partner, Rhona McPhal, captured and enslaved by the Shawnee. She is rescued by the frontiersmen, and eventually marries James McIntyre.

    Together, James and Rhona become the first white couple to venture into Kentake, known as the "Land of Blood and Plenty," where they are befriended and invited into the secret village of the Timucua Indians. Tragedy strikes, however, and they are forced to return to the Boone settlement in North Carolina, where Rhona gives birth to their first child and they begin their journey to the land north of the Ohio River, now known as West Virginia. And That is where Book V of the McIntyre series will begin. For a preview of the first two chapters in "Chasing the Past," just CLICK HERE.


WOLF PACT: Dream Catchers

     "Dream Catchers," the third entry in the Wolf Pact saga, will publish sometime during the summer of 2019. 

     When a 600-year-old shaman goes on a killing spree, only the skills of the Cossibye clan can successfully intervene. By chance, they are helped by a father-daughter team from the Osage Nation, who bring a new dynamic to The New Order.
    Cheyenne Konti, known as P2, served with Michael Walker in a covert Wolverine squadron that was part of the U.S. Army and took assignments only from the Oval Office. When she shifts, she does not become a wolf like the rest of the Cossibye clan but her abilities are as unique and powerful as the rest of The New Order. Reunited with her biological father, Carl Birdsong, Cheyenne, Michael and the rest of the clan risk everything to capture the evil Caddo witch and end her reign of terror.

     Apprehension does not come without a cost, though. Michael's confrontations with the ancient shaman leave him disabled, and Sakima is forced to attend The Gathering of the clan without his war chief at his side. You'll love this Cossibye thriller because nothing is as it seems. Everyone learns peace and happiness can come at great cost. To read the first two chapters of " Dream Catchers," CLICK HERE



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